Pre-Departure Services

Before boarding the flight, a student undergoes a mixed bag of emotions as he is about to leave his home country. He is happy as the new phase of his life is going to begin but at the same time it is tough to leave the comfort of the home country. From now onwards, the student has to bear all the hardships and challenges on his own.

Because we completely understand the emotions involved in a study abroad journey, we offer a streamlined and well-motivated pre-departure process. Our experienced counsellors help students with all the necessary information regarding accommodation, airport pickups, migration and every other thing so as to make it easier for them to settle in a foreign land.

Well-demonstrated pre-departure training sessions are conducted so as to morally boost the aspirants. Each and every aspect of pre-departure is explained in detail along with do’s and don’ts. This is done so as to help students avoid any confusion related to transits, luggage, landing, and check-ins or at airports.

Our counsellors prepare students mentally on dealing with home sickness. They are given detailed information on all the pros and cons of a student life in a foreign land and how to adapt to a new culture.

Students are given a helpline number that is available 24/7 for any assistance during travelling. They can call at that number anytime in case of an emergency or confusion while travelling.

A checklist containing all the pre-departure guidelines is provided to students. The checklist is exclusively personalised for the student depending on his country, university and city.

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