Canada Grants Travel Exemptions and Emergency Support to International Students

Canada Grants Travel Exemptions and Emergency Support to International Students

Canada’s cultural diversity, rich community and world-class education are some of the factors that play a key role in attracting international students. Canada, often known as the country of immigrants, has one of the finest education systems across the globe.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has certainly brought travel plans of most of the international students on hold. Everything from admissions, rejections to acceptances have come to a standstill. Amid all speculations, here is something that you need to know. This post from Modi Immigration discusses what you need to know regarding your study abroad plans in Canada. Also, what all efforts the Canadian Government has been taking for the international students.

Why You Should Study a Master’s Degree Abroad in 2020?

Travel Exemptions

The Government of Canada has announced certain relaxations and concessions on the entry of foreign students regarding the travel ban declared earlier to contain the spread of COVID-19. As per the latest guidelines received, the international students who are holding a valid study permit will be exempted from travelling to Canada by land or air.

The same thing also applies to students who have been approved for a valid study permit before the commencing of travel restrictions (March 18, 2020). The students travelling for the spring term will be exempted from air travel and other border restrictions. These relaxations are applicable for both the existing students as well as those international students who have been approved to study in Canada.

The Canadian Government also announced that the international students who have been exempted from the travel restrictions need not travel to Canada immediately. The exempted students would have to undergo certain procedural health checkups. They will also be quarantined for 14 days after they arrive in Canada.  

Emergency Support Services

As per the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program, the beneficiaries would be given CDN$500/week up to 16 weeks. International students are also eligible for this initiative by the Canadian Government. A student is eligible to apply if he/she:

  • Is living in Canada and is 15 years or above
  • Has not quit job voluntarily
  • Has stopped working due to COVID-19
  • Had an income of atleast $5000 in the last 12 months prior to the date of application
  • No income is expected from their employment for a minimum of 2 weeks in the initial 4-weeks time.

International Students are allowed to do part-time work of 20 hours/week during their regular course time and 40 hours during vacation. So the foreign students can meet the threshold income limit set by the CERB.

Canadian Visa Application Centers

Due to Lockdown in most of the countries, most of the Canadian Visa Application centers are either closed or working for limited hours. As advised by IRCC, new applications for Canadian Study Permit can be applied online. The students are advised to use web form and should avoid visiting in person.

Government of Canada-funded Scholarship

All the scholarship holders should reach out to their host institution as the first point of contact, in case they have any concerns. The department of Global Affairs Canada is regularly following up with the scholarship program administrators.

The deadlines for all international open scholarship competitions have been extended by three weeks, as shared by GAC. International students who are a part of the student exchange program are allowed to go back to their home country and continue the education online.

Modi Immigration: Give Wings to Your Dreams

The Canadian Universities have started inviting applications for September intake. Don’t give up on your dreams. In fact, this is the best time to apply as the competition is very less and your chances of studying in the world’s best country are fairly bright. We, at Modi Immigration, are working round the clock, even during the lockdown to bring the most adept and seasoned opportunities for your study abroad dreams.

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Why You Should Study a Master’s Degree Abroad in 2020?

Why You Should Study a Master's Degree Abroad in 2020?

Gone are the days when the Bachelor’s degree was sufficient to crack your dream job. Today, in the tight labour market, companies are looking for specialists. Be it engineering, medicine, law or fashion, you need to get your postgraduate or master’s degree for fast career growth. Pursuing a master’s degree abroad adds the x-factor that not only boosts your resume but pavers the road for phenomenal career success.

We, at Modi Immigrations, understand your needs and desire to study postgraduate to take your career to new levels. Here are some prominent reasons as to why you should take up post-graduate studies at an international university in 2020 and 2021.

1.      Professional and Adept Approach

In the current market scenario, most of the employers straight away reject applications from graduate applicants. The main reason is that employers believe that the graduate degrees are more theoretical and lack practical aspects. Therefore, the candidate lacks the practical approach i.e. the application of the skill learned in the bachelor’s degree.

Going abroad for a post-graduate degree will groom your professional knowledge. Enrolling in a foreign university allows you to get in-depth knowledge about your area of interest. Taking up a master’s degree in an Ivy League college will hone your skills by expanding your technical abilities and ultimately turn you a connoisseur in your field.

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2.      Broadens Horizons and Makes Resume Stand Out

You need to amp up your skills to make a cut in the market amidst other similar profile candidates. Many companies are accepting graduates but for the lower-level positions only. The commanding and the senior level designations are solely given to candidates having a master’s or research degree.

So, even if you manage to get a good job role in a reputed company with a bachelor’s degree, your promotion to executive positions and other top positions becomes sceptical. Start planning your advanced degrees and kick-start your preparation for 2020 and 2021 today itself.

3.      Professional Connections

International Graduate/Research Schools lay a strong emphasis on connecting people professionally and expanding your network. This allows the student to develop strong relationships with classmates, teachers and alumni as well. These connections dramatically help you to advance through the professional world.

4.      Incredible Earning potential

Money or salary is often the first motivating factor for a master’s degree. Having a master’s degree opens the gate of opportunities., thereby, making you an employee of choice for most companies. Passing out from an Ivy League college ensures getting a job in dream company with best-in-the-industry remuneration. 

A master’s degree makes you eligible for the top C-suite of the company as well. Your advanced skill-set will help you tap companies with extra-ordinary salary packages. Inevitably, your master’s degree will help you earn the highest paycheck down the line but you must consider the expenses of the degree too.

Modi Immigration’s nonpareil guidance helps you choose the best Foreign University and course that outweighs your student debt or years of lost earnings to the expenses incurred in the course of time.

Top Reasons Why Australia is the Best Place to Study Abroad?

5.      Overall Personality Grooming

Indeed, the Master’s degrees are more stressful and difficult than undergraduate degrees, but these are exciting too. The main reason is that you would be studying the advanced level of subjects that you enjoy the most. A Master’s degree or a Postgraduate degree truly depicts your dedication and effort towards the chosen field.

An in-depth knowledge improves your analytical and reasoning abilities and is majorly responsible for character building. A Masters’ degree tests your determination and commitment traits that help you become a successful leader in the future.

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Top Reasons Why Australia is the Best Place to Study Abroad?

Australia- the Land of diverse culture, Kangaroos and clean atmosphere, is eventually growing into one of the most popular study abroad destinations. The friendly people, welcoming nature of Aussies and a well renowned educational framework propel the students across international borders to study in Australia.

This post throws light on the aspects that make Australia one of the best places to study abroad for Indian students:

1.      World-Class Education

The campuses of Australian Universities are well-known for their world-class education following the contemporary pedagogies. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and the curriculum have been designed as per the latest industry trends. This fact is well proved as around eight universities from Australia have made it through the QS World Rankings and THE rankings as well.

2.      Globally Recognised Degrees

Australian academic courses are much sought-after throughout the world. The Aussie Universities offer a wide range of graduate, postgraduate and research degree options. The entire educational system is well-tailored in order to maintain a balance between the industry and the quality of education.

Apart from regular academic courses, numerous vocational courses enable the students to pursue their career as per their interests and hobbies. The educational system focuses on the overall grooming of the students’ abilities in all aspects.

3.      Growing Study Destination

This island country is the third most popular country in the world after the US and UK, but the first one in the Eastern World. The wide diversity of culture, natural beauty and technological advancements attract the students to pursue a career in Australia. 

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4.      Cost and Standard of Living

Australia is regarded as one of the most safest and popular living destinations with high liveability quotient. The cost of living and tuition fees is considerably lower than in other western countries. The Australian Universities allow international students to work part-time and earn for their expenses.

Apart from that, the universities have a number of scholarship options for the merit students. This helps the students to earn their expenses while studying. International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week.

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5.      Technology and Research

Australian Universities have acclaimed a great reputation for their research and scientific capabilities internationally. This island country is one of the front runners on the parameters of innovation, research and technology.

6.      Affordability

Most of the courses offered by Australian Universities have a shorter duration span as compared to similar courses offered in the US and UK. The brand value added by these courses is competitive and similar as per the global standards. Due to the less time span, most of the courses are affordable and don’t make a dent in a common man’s pocket.

7.      Quality Assurance

In order to meet the highest quality standards, the Australian government has set up a Quality Assurance Framework. This body ensures that the universities offer world-class education with an adept focus on rigor, structure and innovation.

Apart from that, the Australian government is keen on ensuring the safety and security of international students.

8.      Easy Visa Formalities

In order to make Australia, one of the most favourite destinations for international studies, the government of Australia is taking all possible measures to simplify the visa process. The entire visa process is seamless and properly streamlined as well as transparent.

A degree from Australia will add plenty of feathers in your resume that will help you to grab your dream career. Don’t shatter your dream of international studies just because of financial constraints! There are a lot of options to pursue your dream career in your dream country.

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Top 5 International Destinations for Healthcare Studies

Healthcare Studies

When we talk about a career, it’s not merely the pay-check. It’s something we’ll be doing 40 hours/week for the rest of our life. Opting for a career in the healthcare industry not only offers you a great salary, challenges and job security but lets you serve humanity.

Pursuing a career in health care such as doctor, nurse, consultant, etc. would open doors of opportunities globally. This post brings you the top international destinations that are considered to be a heaven for the medical profession.

1.  The United States of America

Receiving an acceptance letter from Harvard University and John Hopkins University is like a dream come true for students. The US medical universities have an incredible infrastructure, advanced equipment and research labs. They have enormous funds for your research and offer a wide spectrum of courses for your majors.

Through quality education, US Universities top the QS and THE University rankings in all criteria. US degrees are globally recognized and accepted throughout the world. The cultural and social life at the campus is an epitome of knowledge and opportunity.

2.  Australia

Due to the global acceptance of Australian medical degrees, Australia is increasingly becoming one of the favourite destinations for Indian students willing to pursue medical studies. The Australian medical schools and Universities offer affordable and competitive courses in the healthcare sector.

There are a wide range of courses and specializations offered in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. An MBBS degree takes around 5-6 years and for MD, it may take an additional 4 years. Connect with the best career counsellor in Ludhiana to know the requirements.

3.  Europe

One main reason to study healthcare studies in Europe is the low tuition fees and cost of living. Most of the medical universities in Europe have English as their teaching medium. This means no additional fee would be charged to take up a health care course in English.

MCI (Medical Council of India) recognizes degrees conferred by European Medical Colleges. In fact, most of the global organizations such as WHO, UNESCO, etc. also recognize European degrees. The colleges in this continent offer state-of-the-art facilities to the medical students such as fully-equipped research labs, digitized classrooms and advance courses.

4.  Canada

Canada is well-known for providing personalized geriatric care. The country has majorly set very high standards for academic excellence in the medical field. A postgraduate or undergraduate course in Canada promises global exposure and incredible hands-on training. Canada is one of the front runners when it comes to medical degrees.

You need to clear a language proficiency test in English as English is the medium of instruction in medical colleges in Canada. Along with this, the students need to clear a MCAT with good scores in order to get admission in top colleges of Canada.

5. The United Kingdom

The medical graduates from the British Universities are in high demand. Pursuing a career in healthcare from UK Universities offer global exposure and high-quality results. There is no better place if you want to show your humanitarian side. British medical colleges have always been at the forefront of medical innovation and discoveries.

The healthcare sector is fully geared towards uninterrupted growth opportunities. Be it nurses, medical consultants, surgeons, physicians or therapists, a diverse range of specializations are offered in this country. Get yourself enrolled in one of the most advanced learning environments across the globe.

Over to You!

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4 Top Reasons to Study in Ivy League Colleges

4 Top Reasons to Study in Ivy League Colleges

When you explore the internet for top Universities in the world, the eight Ivy League colleges are sure to appear. A degree from an Ivy League college is a symbol of intellectual grit and academic excellence. Whether it’s QS world rankings or the famous THE rankings, Ivy League colleges figure in every national and international college list.

This post discusses the top reasons that make Ivy League Colleges the best study destination for international studies.

What are the Ivy League Schools?

An Ivy League comprising of eight north-east Universities in the USA was formed in 1954. It all started as a part of the inter-college athletic group. This league aimed at promoting sports and athletics ties between member colleges but over the years the epicenter shifted towards academic excellence.

The eight universities are (In Alphabetical Order):

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University

Why Attend College at an Ivy League College?

Studying abroad in such elite institutions is a matter of pride and prestige in itself. With excellent infrastructure and world-class faculty, the graduates from Ivy League Colleges earn much higher than similar graduates from other colleges.

1.      Be Connected with Future CEO’s and CFO’s

Studying in Ivy League Colleges means you have the brightest companions in the world. This means that your batch mates are more likely to be successful future leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs. Believe it or not, you will be studying with the controllers of the future economy.

Working in such a motivated and intellect-driven environment will leverage your growth. Also, you will have a strong network and powerful connections as you graduate.

2.      Exceptional Alumni Network

Ivy Leagues are renowned for their well-known and strong alumni network. The Alumni network consists of all the graduates from the university, no matter the year. These impactful alumni relations would help you get a job post your graduation. You may get hired by alumni of your University who is employed at an executive post in a Fortune 500 company.

Apart from the solid connections made in the graduation year, the alumni network may play a vital role in your endeavors to promote your future business.

3.      World-Class Infrastructure and Resources

The Ivy League colleges have historic roots and were founded back in 1700’s. These Universities have rock-solid and beautiful infrastructure equipped with modern facilities.  Studying here would mean getting access to research and study material curated by the most brilliant minds of the world.

The faculty is adorned by world-class professors and award-winning researchers that help the students to get the most latest and advanced learning.

4.      Career Paths

A degree from these prestigious US Universities garners your career path with some finest opportunities in the field of law, finance, business etc. Top Global Giants such as Apple, Goldman Sachs, etc. understand that graduates from Ivy League Colleges are best, brightest and talented.

So, rather than hiring from the middlemen, these companies perform direct campus recruitment in Ivy League colleges.

Winding Up

Be a part of this league, with the brightest batch mates and powerful alumni network and highest of salaries. Apart from the professional level, studying in an Ivy League College furbish your personality. Thereby, making you more confident, strong and highly competent. Want to know more, call us at +91 8544923373 or email us at to fix an online appointment. Amid Covid-19 Lockdown, our team is working online (phone calls, emails, Whatsapp) to provide you all guidance, mentoring and assistance to make your dreams come true.

Top Reasons to Study MBBS Abroad in USA

Top Reasons to Study MBBS Abroad in USA

Almost every student, opting for the Medical stream after 10th grade, dreams of becoming a doctor. But looking at the recent advancements and opportunities, most of the students prefer to study MBBS abroad. The US is one of the most sought-after destinations for medical studies.

You need to work hard and clear your senior secondary and NEET exams with flying colours. This is indeed the first step of getting an admission to world-class medical universities in the USA.

 There are myriad reasons to obtain a foreign medical degree. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

1. Global Exposure

Pursuing an MBBS degree abroad will offer you exceptional international exposure. An international degree is highly recognized in India as well as globally. Studying in international Universities allows students to interact with other cultures and ethnicity.

This improves their adaptability towards other cultures and nationalities. Acclimatizing with international standards helps the students to develop and enhance their interpersonal skills. The students studying in foreign universities have an advantage while applying for residency applications as well.

2. Reasonable Cost

Getting an MBBS degree from a private college in India would cost around Rs 1Cr. Apart from that, Indian Colleges demand huge donations in the name of admission apart from the annual fees. The Universities in the US don’t demand any sort of donation or capitation fees.

In fact, they follow strict admission rules and have limited seats. The degrees offered are internationally recognized and are affordable as compared to Indian private medical colleges. The universities also offer scholarships to meritorious students.

3. Find Better Research Opportunities

Research opportunities in the medical field act as a catalyst in attaining success in this profession. Universities and medical colleges in the USA offer the most advanced and innovative research opportunities. This is due to the diverse culture and global environments and excellent funding capability to support the research.

4. World-Class Infrastructure and Top-notch Faculties

Despite huge advancement in Indian medical field, it still lacks in certain aspects. Apart from global exposure, the US medical colleges have nonpareil infrastructure and research labs. The faculty comprises of award-winning scientists, experienced researchers and well-renowned professors.

Learning in such a diverse and motivational environment prepares students to fight and overcome any challenge, thereby, helping students to become a world-class doctor.

5. Ample Job Offers

MBBS is regarded as the most respectable profession by everyone in the world. Having an MBBS degree from any US University adds feather to your resume and your career. Every reputed hospital would offer you a handsome remuneration for your services. The academic curriculum in US medical Universities is designed to offer the students ample career prospects and job offers.

MBBS degree from US universities equips the students with immense knowledge. The students can kick-start their medical practice anywhere in the world with full confidence. An international degree helps students stand above the rest, thereby, giving an instant boost to their career.

The Bottom Line:

Pursuing a medical degree or MBBS abroad offers you a staggering opportunity to make a cut above your peers. If you dream of becoming a doctor and want to realize your dream abroad, then seek expert career guidance from professionals at Modi Immigration.

We aim to bring back that smile on your face by offering you complete a-z study abroad guidance and visa assistance.

Want to study MBBS Abroad in USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada? Modi Immigration is one name that you can trust and rely on. With 100% track record we are there to assist and guide you in your dream of becoming a doctor!

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