Canada Grants Travel Exemptions and Emergency Support to International Students

Canada’s cultural diversity, rich community and world-class education are some of the factors that play a key role in attracting international students. Canada, often known as the country of immigrants, has one of the finest education systems across the globe.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 has certainly brought travel plans of most of the international students on hold. Everything from admissions, rejections to acceptances have come to a standstill. Amid all speculations, here is something that you need to know. This post from Modi Immigration discusses what you need to know regarding your study abroad plans in Canada. Also, what all efforts the Canadian Government has been taking for the international students.

Why You Should Study a Master’s Degree Abroad in 2020?

Travel Exemptions

The Government of Canada has announced certain relaxations and concessions on the entry of foreign students regarding the travel ban declared earlier to contain the spread of COVID-19. As per the latest guidelines received, the international students who are holding a valid study permit will be exempted from travelling to Canada by land or air.

The same thing also applies to students who have been approved for a valid study permit before the commencing of travel restrictions (March 18, 2020). The students travelling for the spring term will be exempted from air travel and other border restrictions. These relaxations are applicable for both the existing students as well as those international students who have been approved to study in Canada.

The Canadian Government also announced that the international students who have been exempted from the travel restrictions need not travel to Canada immediately. The exempted students would have to undergo certain procedural health checkups. They will also be quarantined for 14 days after they arrive in Canada.  

Emergency Support Services

As per the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) program, the beneficiaries would be given CDN$500/week up to 16 weeks. International students are also eligible for this initiative by the Canadian Government. A student is eligible to apply if he/she:

  • Is living in Canada and is 15 years or above
  • Has not quit job voluntarily
  • Has stopped working due to COVID-19
  • Had an income of atleast $5000 in the last 12 months prior to the date of application
  • No income is expected from their employment for a minimum of 2 weeks in the initial 4-weeks time.

International Students are allowed to do part-time work of 20 hours/week during their regular course time and 40 hours during vacation. So the foreign students can meet the threshold income limit set by the CERB.

Canadian Visa Application Centers

Due to Lockdown in most of the countries, most of the Canadian Visa Application centers are either closed or working for limited hours. As advised by IRCC, new applications for Canadian Study Permit can be applied online. The students are advised to use web form and should avoid visiting in person.

Government of Canada-funded Scholarship

All the scholarship holders should reach out to their host institution as the first point of contact, in case they have any concerns. The department of Global Affairs Canada is regularly following up with the scholarship program administrators.

The deadlines for all international open scholarship competitions have been extended by three weeks, as shared by GAC. International students who are a part of the student exchange program are allowed to go back to their home country and continue the education online.

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