4 Top Reasons to Study in Ivy League Colleges

When you explore the internet for top Universities in the world, the eight Ivy League colleges are sure to appear. A degree from an Ivy League college is a symbol of intellectual grit and academic excellence. Whether it’s QS world rankings or the famous THE rankings, Ivy League colleges figure in every national and international college list.

This post discusses the top reasons that make Ivy League Colleges the best study destination for international studies.

What are the Ivy League Schools?

An Ivy League comprising of eight north-east Universities in the USA was formed in 1954. It all started as a part of the inter-college athletic group. This league aimed at promoting sports and athletics ties between member colleges but over the years the epicenter shifted towards academic excellence.

The eight universities are (In Alphabetical Order):

  • Brown University
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • Dartmouth College
  • Harvard University
  • Princeton University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University

Why Attend College at an Ivy League College?

Studying abroad in such elite institutions is a matter of pride and prestige in itself. With excellent infrastructure and world-class faculty, the graduates from Ivy League Colleges earn much higher than similar graduates from other colleges.

1.      Be Connected with Future CEO’s and CFO’s

Studying in Ivy League Colleges means you have the brightest companions in the world. This means that your batch mates are more likely to be successful future leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs. Believe it or not, you will be studying with the controllers of the future economy.

Working in such a motivated and intellect-driven environment will leverage your growth. Also, you will have a strong network and powerful connections as you graduate.

2.      Exceptional Alumni Network

Ivy Leagues are renowned for their well-known and strong alumni network. The Alumni network consists of all the graduates from the university, no matter the year. These impactful alumni relations would help you get a job post your graduation. You may get hired by alumni of your University who is employed at an executive post in a Fortune 500 company.

Apart from the solid connections made in the graduation year, the alumni network may play a vital role in your endeavors to promote your future business.

3.      World-Class Infrastructure and Resources

The Ivy League colleges have historic roots and were founded back in 1700’s. These Universities have rock-solid and beautiful infrastructure equipped with modern facilities.  Studying here would mean getting access to research and study material curated by the most brilliant minds of the world.

The faculty is adorned by world-class professors and award-winning researchers that help the students to get the most latest and advanced learning.

4.      Career Paths

A degree from these prestigious US Universities garners your career path with some finest opportunities in the field of law, finance, business etc. Top Global Giants such as Apple, Goldman Sachs, etc. understand that graduates from Ivy League Colleges are best, brightest and talented.

So, rather than hiring from the middlemen, these companies perform direct campus recruitment in Ivy League colleges.

Winding Up

Be a part of this league, with the brightest batch mates and powerful alumni network and highest of salaries. Apart from the professional level, studying in an Ivy League College furbish your personality. Thereby, making you more confident, strong and highly competent. Want to know more, call us at +91 8544923373 or email us at manumodi5600@gmail.com to fix an online appointment. Amid Covid-19 Lockdown, our team is working online (phone calls, emails, Whatsapp) to provide you all guidance, mentoring and assistance to make your dreams come true.

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